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Watch Janet Haines and Martin Addison’s webinar Print to Display to find out more about these techniques.

Do you create wonderful prints of your work which then end up sitting in a drawer? We’re all guilty of it – but printing shouldn’t end with the print. After all the hard work you’ve put into creating your photography or artwork, your prints should be displayed and enjoyed. In this blog we explore 4 creative ways in which you can display your prints.

Handmade Books

Handmade books are an excellent and creative way to display your images. This will give you the opportunity to curate and tell a story through your work, with a beautiful end product that can be given as a gift or displayed on your coffee table.

Janet Haines creates books of her work with different series of images. She covers them with pieces of wallpaper for a unique and artistic finish.

Some of the papers Janet has used for her books are Portrait White 285 and PermaJet’s Double-Sided range.

Wall Art

Wall art is one of the more common ways of displaying a print, but have you considered creating your own home gallery?

Martin Addison joins his local art week with an Open House displaying his work all around the house. These prints stay up throughout the year, with each group of framed prints displaying a particular theme or series of work.

PermaJet’s Fibre Based and Fine Art range are particularly suited to wall art due to their long-lasting, archival qualities.

Magnetic Acrylic Blocks

Magnetic Acrylic Blocks are a simple yet effective way of displaying your photos.

The acrylic block separates in the centre, allowing you to place two prints back-to-back (or one using double-sided paper). The block then becomes a stunning stand-alone frame, with the acrylic really accentuating the printed image.

PermaJet Titanium Lustre 280 is a metallic paper that works particularly well inside the block, with the metallic sheen coming to life with an eye-catching sparkle.

SnapShut Folio

The SnapShut Folio is ideal for portfolios and albums. This no-glue system offers the flexibility of changing and reordering your prints whenever you please, simply by folding back the cover and releasing the clasped prints.

Create your own books that you can change up and refresh, or have a portfolio of your latest work to display in your home for whenever your friends and family visit.

PermaJet also sell a Paper Scorer for creasing the border of your prints, giving a cleaner fold when flicking through your SnapShut.

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