Fibre Based Baryta Papers

Launched in 2004 PermaJet were the pioneers of the Digital Baryta media.

Fibre Based Baryta Papers with a traditional darkroom structure making them the perfect digital inkjet alternative to the original silver-halide papers.

The alpha-cellulose bases have the slightly ridged feel you would expect from traditional darkroom papers and are available with both smooth and delicately structured surface options. With base weights range from 285 to 325gsm PermaJet have created a range of “lay flat” Baryta products that feed through your inkjet printer with ease.

The enhanced multi-layer coating, combined with modern ink technology ensures you get the highest Dmax ratings before possible. These characteristics work together to deliver the widest tonal range to enhance highlight and shadow detail delivering crisp monochrome and punchy colour images.

A truly show stopping collection now available in Gloss (subtle air-dried gloss) Pearl, Silk and Matt. Roll lengths are all 15 meters and available up to 60’’ wide for production purposes and sheet media A4 – A2. The surfaces are all instant-dry and have scuff-resistant finishes making them ideal for use with dye and pigment-based inks.

Developed with archival stability and the testing processes associated with the internationally renowned Fine Art Trade Guild in mind – a guarantee that your images will last for many years ahead.

In independent tests of over 200 fine art and photo inkjet papers, they have yielded the very highest Dmax, colour gamut and skin tone accuracies, in turn creating truly excellent greyscale for monochrome images.

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The Knowledge

Baryta, or sometimes known as Fibre Based Baryta inkjet papers are made from Alpha Cellulose, a high-quality wood pulp, or cotton, or in some cases a mixture of the two. They are designed to replicate the original feel and appearance of Fibre Based darkroom papers. This makes these papers the best option for anyone searching for that traditional, luxurious quality.

The term Baryta refers to the layer of barium sulphate that is applied to the paper - giving prints incredible detail retention and a wider tonal range, particularly suited to monchrome images.

Fibre Based papers have excellent archival qualities, durability, and print wonderfully - perfect for exhibitions and print sales.

Product Availability

  • Fibre Based Gloss Baryta Photo Paper
  • Fibre Based Satin Baryta Photo Paper
  • Fibre Based Pearl Baryta Photo Paper
  • Fibre Based Semi-Gloss Lustre Baryta Photo Paper
  • Fibre Based Matt Baryta Photo Paper

Size availability

Our papers come in a range of sizes from standard 6" x 4" photo sizes up to 60" x 30m for your larger prints.

Common Sizes

  • A3 Fibre Based Baryta Paper
  • A4 Fibre Based Baryta Paper
  • 6" x 4" Fibre Based Baryta Paper


The Knowledge

Vol 1: The Art of Paper Selection

The front cover of PermaJet's The Knowledge Volume 1: The Art of Paper Selection

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