Our company's foundations are built on strong ethical core values which guide our actions. We protect the environment, support the law and respect international human rights...

We acknowledge that our work has a potential impact on the environment and therefore we have a duty to ensure we proactively manage all these impacts in a responsible and ethical manner.

We do this by identifying all significant environmental impacts and putting processes into place to prevent, reduce and mitigate them in an innovative and practical manner.

Our Products

We ourselves on sustainable sourcing and request copies of FSC certification from our supplier base where all pulp products are concerned. We constantly review our supplier base and visit manufacturing facilities to ensure continued vigilance and compliance in this area.

Our Packaging

In tandem with the product sourcing, our packaging is created using environmentally friendly materials and is free of solvent based cements and chemicals. It is therefore considered archivally stable and can be used to store product for prolonged periods of time without decay or any harmful effects to the environment or wildlife.

Where applicable, all packaging materials received in the deliveries from our supply chains and conduct of our daily business is either re-used or recycled responsibly through the appropriate commercially licensed channels.


Our policy of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover where possible has significantly cut down on waste. We continue to engage staff in this area and educate on the importance of sustainable waste
management and the importance of reducing our carbon footprint


We ensure that our vehicle fleet is operated in as efficient manner as possible and we make available schemes to all staff to promote sustainable travel where possible.

We are pleased to confirm that our modern company vehicle fleet is excluded from the new London Ultra Low Emission Zone charges that come into place in April 2019.


Following the closure of the government backed CRC Scheme in March 2019 we are actively evaluating alternatives for formal accreditation in this area. We will create an energy management strategy to drive a programme of energy efficiency initiatives.

Following a review of transportation in 2013 we tendered out parcel delivery services and a key criterion in this area was environmental impact. We awarded these services to DPD, a strong factor in their success being their TOTAL ZERO carbon neutrality commitment. They continue to innovate in this area such as introducing the UK’s first EV trucks.

Renewable and Clean Energy

We continually seek to take advantage of clean and renewable energy sources to further drive the sustainability in our day to day operations. Small changes have included the transition to electrically driven forklifts in our warehouse and LED lightbulbs utilised throughout our warehousing and office facilities.

We are also proud to run our website on 100% renewable energy, through our provider Krystal. In 2017 they become one of the first hosts to be powered by 100% renewable energy with no vague carbon offsets, just a direct relationship between their datacentres and energy suppliers.

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