FREE Custom ICC Profiles

We offer a FREE Custom ICC Profile service for any PermaJet media.

Simply download the ICC Profile Pack and follow the instructions below and we will send your bespoke profile.

Alternatively PermaJet offers Generic ICC Profiles for all of our paper and canvases which are immediately available to download.

We also offer a range of Colour Management products and services to maximise the quality of your printing workflow.

To take advantage of our FREE Custom ICC Profile Service simply follow the instructions below.

Download Our ICC Profile Pack

CLICK HERE to Download

Install the Adobe Colour Print Utility (ACPU)

You will find the Adobe Color Print Utility installation files for both Windows and Mac within the downloadable ICC Profile Pack.

CLICK HERE to watch our video on how to Download and use the ACPU on Mac/OSX

CLICK HERE to watch our video on how to Download and use the ACPU on a Windows PC

Open the Paper Profiling Chart (.TIFF) in the ACPU

As soon as you run the ACPU application a window will open asking you to open the .TIFF file included in the ICC Profile Pack called “STEP 3 – Paper_Profiling_Chart.tif“.

Helpful Tips
  • Before continuing, run a nozzle check to make sure the printer has no blocked heads.
  • DO NOT enlarge the .TIFF file. You must print it A4 size (100% – no scaling).
  • Ensure borderless printing is NOT selected.

Set the Media/Paper Type

Select your printer from the dropdown menu, click properties and choose the ‘Media Type’ that closest matches the media you are printing on.

Once your Custom ICC Profile is created, the profile will only be accurate for the setting that you select now so it is important to select the right one.

You can refer to our list of recommended settings if you are unsure – CLICK HERE TO VIEW

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This setting is vitally important because it governs the amount of ink that is used. Incorrect
media type settings can cause issues such as pooling of ink, fuzziness, and lack of
differentiation in shadows and dark colours.

Helpful Tips
  • If your printer is not included in the ACPU list, selecting the correct media type is vital.
  • Refer to our list of recommended settings when selecting your media type.

Disable Printer Driver Colour Management

All colour management must be disabled so that we can measure how your printer prints.

Each printer driver has different options that need to be enabled or disabled. Click SHOW MORE and follow the instructions for your printer model below.

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Helpful Tips
  • Disabling colour management stops the printer driver enhancing your print, printing colour as your printer interprets.
  • Mac OS users may find the colour management options are automatically disabled – you don’t need to do anything if this is the case.
  • Please contact us on 01789739200 if you are unsure.

Print & Check the Profiling Chart

Once you have set your printer driver settings, make sure you correctly load a sheet of the
media that you would like to profile, coated side facing up, and then click Print.

When you have printed the profiling charts please check you have output it at the correct size and there are no signs of banding, pooling or bleed.

The correct size of the chart to the dashed line is 19.8 cm by 28.6cm.

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Check for any signs of line banding caused by blocked ink heads or other print quality issues.
If you do find any issues please fix them and then re-print the chart. We cannot create your
profile if it has any of these issues and will have to ask you to reprint it.

Helpful Tips
  • On an A4 sheet there should be a white border outside the dashed black line.
  • Prints from Adobe Color Printer Utility often come out a little smaller because it is designed for US and European paper sizes. Do not worry if the chart has printed towards one corner of the paper.

Post your Prints

Print our the order form attached in the ICC Profile Pack and send it to us.

Please wait until your chart is dry (usually around 30 mins) before placing in the envelope.

Please write the product name on the back of the sheet if sending more than one Profiling Chart.

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Our Address: PermaJet (Profiling Dept.), 1A Black Hill Ind. Est., Warwick Road, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 0PT

Helpful Tips
  • We recommend sending your Profiling Chart in a hard backed A4 envelope.
  • Please ensure you pay the correct postage or we may not receive your print.

Receive and Install your ICC Profile

Your ICC Profile will be sent via email, normally within 48 hours of us receiving your profiling chart.

When you receive your profile it needs to be saved in the specific folder to be recognised by ICC-aware applications.

Need help downloading and installing your ICC Profile?

CLICK HERE to watch our video on how to Download and Install an ICC Profile on Mac/OSX

CLICK HERE to watch our video on how to Download and Install an ICC Profile on Windows PC

Need some more support?

If you can’t find the information you need on this page, feel free to contact the team and get your questions answered.

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