4 Top Tips for Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is one of the most challenging yet rewarding genres. Spending time amongst nature getting a glimpse into the intimate lives of animals is just one of the perks, so here’s a few key tips to help you on your way to becoming a wildlife photographer!

1. Have the right equipment

The beauty of wildlife photography is you have the scope to use a wide range of lenses and cameras. From camera traps, to wide angle lenses or telephoto lens, you can capture stunning images. I recommend starting your adventure with a telephoto lens. In terms of camera body, a crop sensor will give you that extra reach but full frame sensors often tolerate challenging conditions better!

A Gimbal head and tripod can be ideal if you may find yourself in hides or staying put for some time.


Image © Tesni Ward


Image © Tesni Ward

2. Do your research

In order to capture the best images, it’s important you know and understand your subject. Where are they, what time of the year are you likely to see them, what are their key behaviours you should look out for… and of course, is there any risk that you could end up being supper?! The more you understand your subject, the more you can predict and anticipate their behaviour and prepare for the best images.


Image © Tesni Ward

3. Be patient!

The best opportunities rarely present themselves on the first time visiting and photographing wildlife; there will be occasions when you don’t see anything, times when it doesn’t behave appropriately and you also have to contend with the light. Be prepared to spend many a day with your chosen subject and you will be rewarded.


Image © Tesni Ward


Image © Tesni Ward

4. Consider wildlife workshops or tours

Wildlife can be challenging to find and approach at the best of times. Booking on hide days, workshops or tours can give you the opportunity to work with people who have experience and knowledge of that species and therefore increase your chances of photographing it!


Tesni Ward is an established Wildlife and Nature Photographer who offers a range of workshops around the country. To see more of her work and find out about the workshops she offers visit ,www.tesniward.co.uk

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