Photo Walk Fundraiser for Hayden

In 2015 three year old Hayden Weiss was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer that primarily affects young children. She received life-saving surgery to remove her right eye just days after the diagnosis. Upon further tests, it was also confirmed that the cancer had spread to the optic nerve, and she has since undergone intense chemotherapy and radiation. Hayden’s parents were left to raise $50,000 to help cover medical expenses, deductibles, medications and prosthetics which were not covered by their medical insurance.

On 1st May 2016 PermaJet lecturer and friend of Hayden’s parents, Terry Donnelly, organised a photo walk in Liverpool to help raise funds.


“I have ran several photo walks over the years, always free of charge, so we decided to run this one and ask for a donation to Hayden’s fund if people could afford it. As ever, people rally together at times like this, and we ended up with a great group of people attending the photo walk on the day. The weather was foul, heavy rain, windy and cold, and still they turned out to support the walk. I am deeply touched and hugely thankful to each and every one of them that attended.

Sometimes it’s just knowing that people care that can make a difference, and I’m really grateful that these people took time out and braved the elements to show support. I know it means a lot to Hayden’s family.”

PermaJet were honoured to sponsor the raffle which took place on the photo walk.


“On the day we raised over £510, with further donations made direct taking the total to £750. This amount is direct for Hayden’s benefit, with not a penny taken out for expenses. Thank you all very much, it is appreciated by Hayden’s family and me.”

You can read more about the walk on Terry’s ,blog.

Find Hayden’s fundraising page


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