Lee Jeffries’ Haunting Portraits

Many walk past homeless people in the street without a second glance – but not Lee Jeffries. Jeffries is a self-taught photographer whose stunning monochrome portraits have captivated the world, gaining him numerous awards.

It all began when he stopped to snap a photo of a homeless woman in the street, bundled up in her sleeping bags…

She responded angrily but, instead of walking away and carrying on with his life, he made the effort to sit and talk to her. That encounter was a turning point and since then he has spent many weeks with the homeless getting to know them on a level that few photographers have ever achieved.


Jeffries has since used the powerful impact of his work to raise awareness for those that need it; people that are always in plain sight but often invisible. He has achieved second and third place in annual Amateur Photographer Magazine competitions and has donated the proceeds from his first book, his prints, and the winnings from various monthly contests to charity. He also allows charities to use his images free of charge, including a recent campaign for The Salvation Army.


LA. by Lee Jeffries


The Cat Lady by Lee Jeffries


Untitled by Lee Jeffries

The impact his photos have had is unsurprising. The raw, gritty beauty of the weathered faces that stare right into the lens are haunting; their vulnerability made clearer when you learn the story behind them.

“If my images portray anything… It’s the fact that we shouldn’t look away.” – Lee Jeffries

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