NEW Double-Sided Lustre: Tom Dodd’s First Impression

My first impression of this new paper is how easy it is to handle and the smoothness of the lustre surface. There are so many papers to choose from that a discerning printer can become confused and perhaps frustrated when it comes to choice. My advice has always been to stick to papers which display images to their best. This paper does that exceptionally well in both colour and B&W, and I am highly critical when it come to print quality.


The paper remains flat even when printed on both sides and feels good to handle. Not all papers possess those characteristics. Colour is exceptionally well controlled and B&W tonal range second to none and this is the case with any well adjusted image regardless of subject. Some paper surfaces can struggle to overcome metamerism; this paper easily overcomes that problem even when viewed at an angle.


The reason to use double sided paper is perhaps specialised and likely to be used for display or portfolio purposes. In this respect the ideal approach is to create a portfolio which can be inserted into the PermaJet Snapshut Folio. Business, Family snaps or Wedding displays are good ideas. The medium weight comfortably allows 25 sheets to be inserted into a 25mm spine size Snapshut Folio. This of course will give 50 full size images.


In summary this paper produces the highest quality prints I expect from PermaJet. Colour is well rendered, B&W tonal range excellent and it feels good to handle.

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