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Smooth Gloss 280

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Paper GroupDigital Photo
Base Weight280gsm
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PermaJet Smooth Gloss has a mirror-like, high gloss finish on a heavyweight photo paper base of 280gsm.

The new PermaJet Smooth Gloss 280This inkjet paper has been developed with a warm base tint and lovely glossy finish making it appealing for many daily printing requirements.

This resin coated paper is finished with a UV protective, microporous supercoat giving it a high degree of water and fade resistance.

Its remarkable similarities to other Glossy papers in the marketplace means you can confidently switch products and in some cases, even use the same ICC Profiles and achieve a brilliant result!
With its exceptional D-max reading, this product will produce vibrant colour images and monochrome images with stark definition and tonal range whether you are are using dye or pigment inks in your printer.

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APJ50502 6" x 4" 100 Smooth Gloss 280 6" x 4" £14.96 £17.95
APJ50505 7" x 5" 100 Smooth Gloss 280 7" x 5" £22.46 £26.95
APJ50514 A4 50 Smooth Gloss 280 A4 £23.29 £27.95
APJ50517 A4 250 Smooth Gloss 280 (Bulk Pack) A4 £77.46 £92.95
APJ50519 A4 1000 Smooth Gloss 280 (Bulk Pack) A4 £300.79 £360.95
APJ50524 A3 50 Smooth Gloss 280 A3 £40.79 £48.95
APJ50534 A3+ 50 Smooth Gloss 280 A3+ £48.29 £57.95
APJ50544 A2 50 Smooth Gloss 280 A2 £77.46 £92.95
APJ50568 24" Roll Smooth Gloss x 30mtr 24" x 30 metres £105.79 £126.95
APJ50598 44" Roll Smooth Gloss x 30mtr 44" x 30 metres £189.96 £227.95