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Portfolio Rag 220

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Paper GroupSmooth Fine Art
Base Weight220gsm
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The lowest weight fine art paper that we make.

This is a lighter weight version of our very successful Portrait Rag. It is made with 100% cotton rag base content, 220gsm in weight and totally acid-free (pH neutral).

The base has a natural, off-white appearance with a smooth matt coated surface and replicates colours with great depth and clarity.

Being a lower weight fine art inkjet media, it is the perfect art paper for handling and feeding through any inkjet printer whether using it for the creation of personal portfolio work, photobooks, invitation cards or simply for a true digital giclee output.

Excellent for both monochrome or colour printing with dye and pigment inks.

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APJ21613 A4 25 Portfolio Rag 220 A4 £24.13 £28.95
APJ21623 A3 25 Portfolio Rag 220 A3 £45.79 £54.95
APJ21633 A3+ 25 Portfolio Rag 220 A3+ £58.29 £69.95
APJ21643 A2 25 Portfolio Rag 220 A2 £89.96 £107.95
APJ21658 17" x 15mtr Portfolio Rag 220 17" x 15 metres £80.79 £96.95
APJ21667 24" x 15mtr Portfolio Rag 220 24" x 15 metres £105.79 £126.95
APJ21697 44" x 15mtr Portfolio Rag 220 44" x 15 metres £183.29 £219.95
APJ21698 60" x 15mtr Portfolio Rag 220 60" x 15 metres £239.96 £287.95

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