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Omega Rag 310

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Paper GroupSmooth Fine Art
Base Weight310gsm
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A 100% cotton rag paper with an enhanced whiter 310gsm base.

This acid-free, smooth matt paper upholds the appearance of high-key detail and colours to an exceptional standard. It has a high colour gamut volume and excellent ability to return a smooth gradation of skin tones or highly detailed information.

It is extremely suitable for images that exhibit a lot of shadow detail and wide colour spectrum making - the ideal partner for a fine art image in monochrome on a cotton base.

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APJ21913 A4 25 Omega Rag 310gsm A4 £29.13 £34.95
APJ21923 A3 25 Omega Rag 310gsm A3 £54.96 £65.95
APJ21933 A3+ 25 Omega Rag 310gsm A3+ £69.96 £83.95
APJ21943 A2 25 Omega Rag 310gsm A2 £104.96 £125.95
APJ21957 17" Omega Rag 310gsm x 15mtr 17" x 15 metres £86.63 £103.95
APJ21967 24" Omega Rag 310gsm x 15mtr 24" x 15 metres £118.29 £141.95
APJ21997 44" Omega Rag 310gsm x 15mtr 44" x 15 metres £211.63 £253.95
APJ21998 60" Omega Rag 310gsm x 15mtr 60" x 15 metres £286.63 £343.95

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