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FB Distinction 320

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Paper GroupFibre Base
Base Weight320gsm
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A double weighted, bright white paper with an acid-free fibre base (baryta) which takes your print quality to the next level!

This 320gsm heavy base and clean gloss finish imitates the traditional look and feel of true baryta and provides an almost '3D' quality and appearance to many printed images.

The new FB Distinction 320 maintains the unique characteristics of the previous version but uses new, advanced top and rear coating technology to deliver a flat surface for printer friendly loading.

The enhanced, bright white, acid free Baryta base offers exceptional reproduction qualities. The superior coating enables modern printer inks to achieve the highest Dmax rating in the World, therefore delivering the widest tonal range.

PermaJet FB Distinction received a 5 Star Award from Amateur Photographer magazine..."The slight gloss finish provides punchy colours, high contrast black and white prints, and an impressive scratch and finger print resistant surface."

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APJ64213 A4 25 FB Distinction 320 A4 £29.96 £35.95
APJ64223 A3 25 FB Distinction 320 A3 £59.13 £70.95
APJ64233 A3+ 25 FB Distinction 320 A3+ £74.13 £88.95
APJ64243 A2 25 FB Distinction 320 A2 £113.29 £135.95
APJ64258 17" FB Distinction 320 x 15mtr 17" x 15 metres £98.29 £117.95
APJ64268 24" FB Distinction 320 x 15mtr 24" x 15 metres £142.46 £170.95
APJ64288 44" FB Distinction 320 x 15mtr 44" x 15 metres £254.13 £304.95

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