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A question we frequently get asked is “What paper should I use?”.
Choosing the right paper is an important part of the image making process, as it is the key to a high-quality print that best represents your artistic vision. Because of this, choosing a paper is often subjective and highly influenced by how you want your print to look.

However, many papers will have characteristics that are more suited to certain images, and this can not only make or break a print but completely alter its ambience. The combination of a great image and paper can elevate a print from ordinary to captivating. Anyone who has printed their work will have experienced that magic moment where you get the combination just right and it comes to life straight off the printer.

This is why having a good understanding of each paper is the best starting point. In this handbook we have pulled together all the information you will need to make an informed decision around which paper is right for you. Together, let’s master the art of paper selection.

“Titanium Gloss 300 is my new favourite gloss paper, and my favourite metallic paper. Testing it has made me excited about gloss printing again!”​

—  Michael O'Sullivan, OSM Photography

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