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PermaLux™ Image Print Media

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A matt polypropylene film base with an ultra-fine aqueous ink receiving layer for use with PermaLux™

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PermaLux™ Image Print Media

For use with our innovative PermaLux Premium Metal Mounting Solution

PermaJet Image Print Media is a special grade coated matt polypropylene film base with an ultra-fine aqueous ink receiving layer enabling the ink to be absorbed evenly producing good density and a wide tonal range. The back is coated with a specific pressure sensitive acid-free adhesive with a quick release liner.

Key Features & Benefits

Thickness– 0.380mm (380μm micron – including film base, adhesive and liners)
Thickness– 0.280mm (280 μm micron – film base and adhesive only)
Coatings-Topped with 3H hard coated clear PET with permanent adhesive layer
Surface Finishes– option of High Mirror Gloss or Premium Matt
Primary Features– UV stable (99%), highly scratch resistant

Download the PermaLux™ Image Print Media Technical Data Sheet

Paper Size

A2, 24" x 30m, 44" x 30m, 50" x 30m

Number of Sheets

1 Roll, 20


Single sided inkjet aqeuous matt coating

Printing Side

The printing side is always facing you when you open the box. However, if in any doubt as to the correct side, a quick test is to simply moisten your thumb and forefinger, squeeze just 2mm of a corner of the film and whichever side your finger sticks to is the printable coated side.
It is not usually recommended to stack multiple sheets of adhesive backed media in the feeder tray and so, one sheet at a time will ensure correct pickup and feeding through the printer.

Product Handling

Avoid touching the surface with fingers wherever possible; keep away from moisture; high humidity, heat and direct sunlight. The material is fast/instant drying but continual stacking is not really recommended. If it is necessary to stack images for your workflow then we suggest you place an interleaving sheet of plain copier paper between each wherever possible.

Printer Settings

This media should be treated as a Premium Matt paper and MUST be set to Photo 1440dpi (or level 2 at the fine end of custom quality settings) to ensure sufficient ink loading.
Using lower quality settings will result in printer banding. Set paper thickness as below and raise the printhead/platen gap where possible.


0.328mm (328μm micron – including base media, adhesive and liner), 0.275mm (275μm micron – including base media and adhesive)


Single-sided inkjet aqueous mat coating

Primary Features

Anti-static, Excellent ink drying speed and high resolution

Applications of Use

Cold lamination production of metal backed photographs, signage and professional presentation products. Used in Museums, hotels, offices and general home environments.

Printer & Ink Compatibility

PermaLux Image Print Media film has been designed for use with most Dye & Pigment inkjet systems. The media has been designed, manufactured and tested for use with Epson, HP, Canon and Lexmark printers. Not compatible with solvent or oil based inks.

Storage and Conditions of Use

The storage and use of the product should be in a climate and a temperature of 15 to 30° C at a relative humidity of around 20%. Prior to lamination, if necessary, store the product in archival quality folders (after 48 hours of drying time). Where possible, always handle the media by its edges wearing cotton gloves.

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