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Armando Jongehan

About Armando

Armando Jongejan FRPS-BMK (1960, Egmond aan Zee – The Netherlands) studied photography at the University of Applied Photography in Apeldoorn and works as a freelance photographer. His work is characterised by a thematic approach. As a documentary photographer, he likes to make contact with people in their own environment being curious as to how they live and work. In addition to the photos, this also yields nice conversations.

Since 1990 Armando Jongejan has regularly exhibited, for example in the Hasselblad Image Centre – Utrecht, FOAM Photography Museum – Amsterdam, Nederlands Fotomuseum – Rotterdam, Photo Gallery Focus on Photography – Amsterdam, Comenius Museum – Naarden (Netherlands), Gallery Mauritian – Tallinn (Estonia), Städtisches Museum – Halberstadt (Germany), Photo Gallery Fenton House – Bath, The Photographers’ Gallery – London (England), Photo Gallery Esprit – Pilzen, Jan Amos Komenský Museum – Uherský Brod (Czech Republic) ), Photography Museum of Lishui (China), PhotoFestival Naarden 2019 (Netherlands) and PhotoFestival Pelt 2021 (Belgium).

Previously published photo books by Armando Jongejan: Egmondse dorpsportretten (Villagers of Egmond – 1996), Van binnenuit (From the Inside – 2000), Licht uit, deur op slot (Switch off the Light, Close the Door – 2001), Een zoektocht (A Quest – 2004), Thuiskomen (Coming Home – 2011), Monnikenleven (Monks’ life – 2018), Made in China (2020) and The Battle of Hürtgen Forest (2020). His work has been published in various (photo)magazines and books.

In addition, Armando’s work is included in the collections of the Regional Archive Alkmaar, the Photography Museum of Lishui (China) and in private and corporate collections.

Armando is a member of two national groups of the Dutch photo association: documentary and the BMK. In 2009 he was accepted as fellow by the Royal Photographic Society (FRPS). Finally, he is a member of the Contemporary Group and Documentary Group of the RPS and he has been a member of the Conceptual and Contemporary Panel for a number of years.

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