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Ann Miles

About Ann

I have been an active photographer all my life and, for about 10 years, taught general and nature photography at university degree level. My RPS Associateship was in Nature and my Fellowship in Visual Arts. I served as Deputy Chair of the Fine Arts Panel for 8 years and now sit on the RPS Natural History Distinction panel. This reflects my wide photographic interests. I lecture all round Britain, give workshops and individual tuition and hold Exhibitions.

Creative Techniques with Camera and Software
As well as presenting many of my own images, this lecture includes discussion of the early history of photography, showing that manipulation of images is not a new phenomenon. I attempt to give an overall view of the compositional elements and tonal control that I employ in producing my images. It will cover techniques to produce creative images with the camera and lots of hints and techniques to use with different software including blending modes in Photoshop and the Nik plugins.

Weather to Photograph and What
Rain, snow and mist – first, this lecture shows images depicting my ‘perfect’ photographic weathers. But what do you do when the weather isn’t perfect for photography – some suggestions are made of subjects and techniques to employ when the light is dull or when the sun shines too brightly.

Inspiration and Motivation in Photography
A wide-ranging talk touching on where inspiration can be found and ways of maintaining motivation after the initial enthusiasm may be waning. Although happy to use creative techniques for image making, my main interests are nature, landscape and architectural photography especially where people interact with the buildings so there will be a mix of all these four genre in the talk.

A Passion for Nature
This talk shows the Natural World from a pictorial photographer’s angle. Although there will be lots of close-up and sharp images of birds, insects, mammals and flowers, I will also include more atmospheric and abstract shots. Discover how the choice of background, aperture and lighting conditions can make all the difference in nature as with other types of photography.

Beside the Seaside
Recording the world around us is one of the defining features of humans from the earliest cave painting to the present-day mobile phone photography. Concentrating on the British coastline, this talk shows how photography is used to record changes in our environment, to depict humour, enjoy natural history or create art for the walls etc. The images show a wide variety of different camera techniques and lenses and how different processing and printing techniques can transform images. Above all, it suggests good locations that anyone can visit and enjoy.

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