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PermaJet Canvas Starter Kits

Making your own stretched canvas, ready to hang, is as easy as 1, 2 & 3...  

Inkjet printing has evolved over the years and printing onto canvases has become more popular than ever before.

The introduction of this completely unique CANVAS STARTER KIT, which offers a choice of PermaJet's Artistic and Photo Semi-Gloss Canvas materials.

The kit has been specifically aimed at the Artist and/or Photographer who wants to experiment with canvas printing and have all the tools to hand in one kit.

As well as the tools and materials, a step by step, concise document on 'How to stretch canvases' is also included within the kit.

You will be able to produce five 12" x 8" complete canvas wraps in a traditional or contemporary style. Further materials can be purchased to make more canvases as required, click here for more information.

Remember, full instructions on stretching PermaJet canvases can also be viewed by clicking here  or simply telephone us for any help or advice!

Do you realise that a typical printing service would charge you around 30.00 for a 12" x 8" stretched canvas print, when you can produce your very own for around less than 6.00 (once the initial starter kit containing the essential tools has been purchased!)

What are the cost savings..?

- The canvas material cost is approx 3.00 per sheet

- Printing costs and stretcher bars would be approx 3.00

So order your kit today and print, assemble and sell your canvas masterpieces with confidence.

What is included in your new Canvas Starter Kit?

* 2 x PermaJet Canvas Loading Sheets

* 1 x Canvas Stapling Gun

* 1 x Canvas Stretcher Pliers

* 5000 - 10mm Canvas Staples

* 10 x - 8" Stretcher Bars (Wedges Included)

* 10 x - 12" Stretcher Bars (Wedges Included)

* 5 x Neptune Matt or Saturn Semi-Gloss Canvas sheets