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Inkjet Test Packs

Trying to choose the most suitable paper(s) for yourself from such a diverse and comprehensive range would have been difficult in the past.

However, because PermaJet prides itself on its customer service, wanting to ensure that you use exactly the right media for your work, a choice of cost effective inkjet Test Packs have been made available to cover the complete PermaJet paper and canvas range.

In addition, and for easy cross reference, many of the PermaJet TEST PACKS include a FREE A7 Paper Swatch of the whole media range.

"All that can be said of the presentation of these Test Packs is that they are a massive investment by PermaJet in providing affordable samples perfectly packaged, sealed and even dated, together with all the required instructions and website links to ensure correct handling and FREE ICC Profiling. PermaJet's range of inkjet paper & canvas is comprehensive, it's a good thing they offer Test Packs!"

David Kilpatrick FBIPP AMPA

Editor, Master Photo Digital Magazine