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ICC Profiling Services

Using an ICC Profile ensures colour accuracy when sending an image from your software application to the printer, telling it exactly how to recreate the colours in your digital file. There are two options available, a Generic or a Custom ICC Profile.



This is an ICC Profile which has already been created using a third party's printer. Although not guaranteed 100% accuracy, this is a great starting point. PermaJet offers a wide range of Generic Profiles for most photo printer models using Original (OEM) Inks or PermaJet's own Eco-Flo ink. Click the button below to login and download the profiles for your printer. You can also watch our videos on how to install an ICC Profile on your computer.

Download Generic ICC Profiles button

How to install an ICC Profile on a PC       How to install an ICC Profile on a Mac



A Custom ICC Profile is created specifically for your own printer and ink setup, using a profiling chart that you print and send in to us. This method is 100% accurate and offers the best results!

We highly recommend using the FREE OF CHARGE Custom Profiling service in order to enjoy the full benefits of the PermaJet range of inkjet papers. Click the 'Custom Profiling Service' block below to get started.

If you require a custom profile for any other paper brand, there is a small charge for this service - select the 'Profiling Circle' block below for more information.