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Epson 1500W

The Stylus Photo 1500W is equipped with a number of features including a wireless connection that are sure to please digital photography enthusiasts. The stunningly beautiful image quality offered by the PermaJet XL Dye ink and optimised 5760 x 1440 dpi.

The PermaJet 1500W XL Dye ink offers a far superior fade-resistance and the improved print head assures smoother gradations.

This affordable Eco-Flo 1500W 6 ink bottle system sits neatly alongside your 1500W Printer and can be self-installed in less than 40 minutes using our comprehensive step-by-step procedure. The specially designed cartridge injectors replace your standard Epson cartridges and provide a consistent and high quality method of producing excellent prints.

The resettable microchips are also supplied meaning that the printer never asks you to change a cartridge ever again!

Every Eco-Flo saves the user upto 80% in ink costs over using the original manufacturer's cartridges - the 125ml inkset option is equivalent to around 11 complete sets of cartridges which would retail for over 1100 - making the Eco-Flo a great saving!!

All PermaJet systems incorporate the unique tube clamping feature preventing any ink retraction and air ingress into the print head when not in use - a very common issue with the cheaply made, far eastern CIS units sold by ALL other UK suppliers meaning constant head clean cycles and wasted inks.

The Eco-Flo Photo 1500W Kit Includes:

-  6 x Injector set with 6 x tubes attached
-  Set of 6 x 125ml XL DYE Inks
-  Unique Resettable Ink Level Microchips
-  Complete with bottle tray and tube support unit
-  CD with installation instructions, ICC profiles and test charts
-  FREE 27 Sheet PermaJet Digital Photo Test Pack
-  Full 2 year product support and warranty on Eco-Flo System (12 month manufacturer's warranty applies to printer if purchased from us as a bundle kit together with Eco-Flo)
-  Printer NOT included (unless purchased as part of a bundle offer)

PermaJet also offer a full Eco-Flo installation service at its Stratford-Upon-Avon headquarters (there may be a nominal charge for this). 


Choose your ONE pack of A3 50 Sheets of inkjet paper from PermaJet's DIGITAL PHOTO range for only 0.01 when you buy it at the same time as your Eco-Flo System. (Explicitly only ONE pack per Eco-Flo System purchased. Selection of multiple packs or several types is not allowed and will mean that we will only send you the first one you selected and no refund will be due for the other packs you have paid for. If you opt to select no paper pack at all when purchasing your Eco-Flo then your eligibility to have one for 0.01 will be at our discretion and you will be liable to a shipping charge for sending on a selection later!!)