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FB Gloss Warmtone 295

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Paper GroupFibre Base
Base Weight295gsm
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PermaJet Fibre Base Gloss Warmtone is the warm version of our highly acclaimed Fibre Base Gloss 295 and is uncannily similar to the warmtone fibre base material used in darkroom printing.

The slightly undulating, warm, gloss surface at 295gsm. t has a high D-Max virtually identical to that of Agfa Record Rapid (2.2D-max), creating an excellent greyscale, so making this paper the perfect digital alternative to the darkroom fibre-based print. Fibre Base Gloss Warmtone has an acid-free base with a weight of 295gsm. The microporous supercoat gives the surface great scuff-resistance as well as being instant dry - ideal for pigment ink!

Overall an extremely versatile paper for both colour and monochrome digital printing.

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APJ22968 24" FB Gloss WARMTONE 15m 24" x 15 metres £135.79 £162.95
APJ22999 60" FB Gloss WARMTONE 15m 60" x 15 metres £366.63 £439.95

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