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Digital Negative Film

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Paper GroupSpecialist Inkjet
Base Weight165u
Product TypeDigital Negative Transfer Film
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The very best Digital Negative Transfer Film with the clearest base on the market - 100% pigment ink friendly and quick drying.

A very clear film with an improved ink receiving layer that handles much more ink than average, to make perfect large format digital inkjet negatives, particularly monochrome, that can be used to 'contact ' to normal darkroom print papers. Can also be used for high-key OHP presentations and backlit applications.

The special 165u material is aimed at the photographer who truly wishes to combine their digital printing world with the darkroom - allowing the creation of truly perfect digital negatives/positives with deep blacks and retained detail throughout the whole tonal range of the printed image.

It is a fast drying water-resistant film with enhanced clarity and accepts dye and pigment inks.

The product was originally used and tested by world renowned photographer/printer Tim Rudman as well as being more recently reviewed and highly recommended by David Chow, a teacher, lecturer and exhibitor of many creative works of art from alternative development/print processes such as platinum and palladium etc.
His review quotes PermaJet Digital Transfer Film as the ideal alternative to the well known Pictorico film which is notoriously hard to obtain within Europe.
Read the full review here:

Try some in your printer today - you will not be disappointed!

Product Description Price
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APJ52111 A4 10 TRANSFER Film £15.79 £18.95
APJ52113 A4 50 DIGITAL TRANSFER Film £60.79 £72.95
APJ52121 A3 10 TRANSFER Film £27.46 £32.95
APJ52123 A3 50 DIGITAL TRANSFER Film £116.63 £139.95
APJ52158 17" DIGITAL TRANS FILM x 30mtr £158.29 £189.95
APJ52168 24" DIGITAL TRANS FILM x 30mtr £201.63 £241.95
APJ52178 36" DIGITAL TRANS FILM x 30mtr £297.46 £356.95
APJ52198 44" DIGITAL TRANS FILM x 30mtr £334.96 £401.95
APJ52199 60" DIGITAL TRANS FILM x 30mtr £411.63 £493.95

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