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PermaJet Launch Free Digital Guide on Paper Selection

Posted on 2020-09-15

The Knowledge The Knowledge Vol 1: The Art of Paper Selection

Do you struggle to decide which paper to print your images on? Overwhelmed by the amount of choices in the PermaJet range? We have the answer! The Knowledge Vol 1 provides a comprehensive overview of the ins and outs of inkjet paper. You will explore the basics, from how each paper looks, right through to the technical details. Learn what suits each paper type and when you might use it for your own work. With The Knowledge, you'll gain the confidence to choose the right paper for you. CLICK HERE to download. 

PermaJet Launch Protective Printer Cover

Posted on 2020-08-20

Printer cover PermaJet Launch New Printer Covers After investing in such an expensive piece of equipment, keeping it in good condition should be a priority. The easy slip-on PermaJet Protective Printer Cover will shield printers from everyday dirt, dust, pollutants and hot sunlight, ensuring it is safe and ready to go for the next print job. Designed fo r the A3+ & A2 range of Canon and Epson desktop photo inkjet printers, each cover is made of tough polypropylene fabric - a flexible material which has been precision manufactured to slide easily over the printer when not in use. SHOP NOW >

PermaJet announce winners of wildlife photography competition

Posted on 2019-12-18

PermaJet Birdfair Competition PermaJet Announce Winners of Birdfair Photography Competition

Huge congratulations to our Rutland Birdfair Competition Winners. Out of many amazing entries, we managed to narrow it down to three winners whose images will be displayed on our stand  - G101 - at The Photography Show in 2020! 

The winners are as follows:

First place - Eddie Cocozza

Second place - Tony Davies

Third place - David Woodhead

Many congratulations to you all, we look very forward to meeting you at The Photography Show to congratulate you in person!

Photo Lustre 310 Wins 3 Awards

Posted on 2019-03-30

BPI News award PermaJet Take Home 3 Awards for Photo Lustre 310.

The start to 2019 has seen Photo Lustre 310 receiving 3 fantastic industry awards, all within the space of 10 months since its release.

The awards are as follows:
Best Professional Paper 2018 awarded by The Societies of Photographers
Best Inkjet Media: Photographic Finish 2018 awarded by Photography News
Print Media of the Year 2019 awarded by BPI News

National Sales Manager, Jeremy Pridgeon, said: "With Photo Lustre 310 having been introduced to the PermaJet range so recently, we’re thrilled for it to have been recognised by such esteemed establishments. Thank you to everyone who voted for Photo Lustre."

To find out more about Photo Lustre 310 click here.

PermaJet Launch Stunning New Paper at The Photography Show, Birmingham 2019

Posted on 2019-03-20

NEW FB Pearl PermaJet Launch NEW FB Pearl 300.

Joining PermaJet's acclaimed Fibre Based range, FB Pearl is an excellent paper with a 300gsm base suited to exhibitions, distinction panels, commercial use and high-quality fine art prints.

Its sumptuous pearl surface, reminiscent of silver halide glazed fibre-based materials, gives every print an extra special look and feel. The advanced coating technology allows for excellent tonal range and pin-sharp detail making FB Pearl the perfect choice for portraits, landscapes and more. Delivering high contrast and rich blacks, PermaJet's new paper is excellent for colour and monochrome images alike; its natural white base allows for accurate colour renditions and beautiful monochrome tones. Launched at The Photography Show in Birmingham, FB Pearl 300 follows on from the great success of Photo Lustre 310 which has received 3 industry awards since its introduction last year.

Click here to pick up some of the new FB Pearl 300.

PermaJet Expand Product Range at Photokina 2018

Posted on 2018-10-01

Photokina 2018 PermaJet Expand 2 Ranges at Photokina.

This cutting-edge launch saw the introduction of 7 brand new papers and canvases, suited to professional and commercial photographers right through to fine art printers and labs.

Two new products have joined PermaJet's range of Production Canvases suited to high volume commercial printers and fine art reproductions. Both highly-flexible and non-cracking, these canvases are the ideal choice for creative photographic outputs demanding a high-quality look and feel.

P4 100% Cotton Canvas 360 A 100% cotton matt canvas with a subtly textured, natural white surface. More information.
P5 Bright White Matt Canvas 350 A matt canvas with a bright white surface and uniform weave and texture.More information.

PermaJet's new range of inkjet media, developed specifically for Dry Lab printers, comes in a wide range of popular and creative finishes catering to a spectrum of outputs. The current paper types, Satin and Gloss, will be joined by a further 5 options: Matt, Prism, Artist, Pearl and Metallic. Together they will form one of the most comprehensive ranges of media available on the market today for Epson, Noritsu and Fujifilm Dry Lab printers. Available in sizes ranging from 4" to A4.

The full range of Dry Lab media will be available from 1st November 2018.

PermaJet support Hervé Szydlowski's exhibition at the Grand Palais

Posted on 2018-04-05

Hervé Szydlowski PermaJet Support Exhibition at the Grand Palais.

From April 5th - 8th 2018, Art Paris Art Fair will bring together 142 galleries from 23 different countries at the Grand Palais. PermaJet are proud to be supporting Hervé Szydlowski in displaying a series of photographs at the Pascal Vanhoecke gallery. Szydlowski's images, a continuation of work initiated in 1999 using medium format cameras, developed from research on the body first approached twenty years ago at the naturist camp of Montalivet.

The work is printed on FB Gold Silk 315, an award-winning baryta paper reminiscent of traditional darkroom materials, and will be displayed in the form of a polyptych. Covering the period of 2007-2017, from Szydlowski's search for nudes to his latest series on Masks, the exhibition will be a surprising phantasmagoria where the flamboyant nude is enhanced by Venetian ornaments.

To find out more visit Art Paris.

PermaJet Win Best Professional Inkjet Paper 2017

Posted on 2018-01-19

FB Gold Silk Award PermaJet Gets Gold.

PermaJet were awarded Best Professional Inkjet Paper by The Societies of Photographers at this year's Photographic Trade Awards. This is the fifth year the leading inkjet suppliers have achieved the accolade, with the latest award going to FB Gold Silk 315. Previous years saw the award go to PermaJet's Oyster 271 and Titanium Lustre 280.

PermaJet's National Sales Manager, Jeremy Pridgeon, said: "PermaJet are honoured to receive the prestigious award for Best Photographic Inkjet Paper, a testament to the hard work of the team and the focus we have on the photographic market. My sincere thanks go to all those who voted to recognise FB Gold Silk."

See the range of winning paper by clicking here

PermaJet Win Again!

Posted on 2017-05-01

FB Gold Silk Award PermaJet Have Done It Again...

PermaJet has once again won the category for Inkjet Media: Photographic Finish in the Photography News Awards with FB Gold Silk 315. Picking up the award at The Photography Show 2017, this is the second year running that industry leaders PermaJet have won the votes of the readers of Photography News.

Winning product, FB Gold Silk, has a sumptuous satin finish on a heavyweight 315gsm base. Developed with a natural warm base tint, this fantastic product emulates the surface finish and coating of the classic Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk.

PermaJet Launch Monochrome Dedicated Paper

Posted on 2017-04-02

FB Mono Gloss Baryta Calling all Monochrome Photographers!

Following several months of research and development, PermaJet have released FB Mono Gloss Baryta 320, an inkjet paper produced with creating incredible monochrome prints in mind.

A unique addition to PermaJet's popular Fibre Based range, Mono Gloss Baryta will excite darkroom printers with its barium sulphate layer emulating traditional silver halide papers.

Combined with a unique glazed gloss finish, the result is a stunningly smooth surface that works hand in hand with black and white images, owed to its ability to produce rich blacks and smooth gradations throughout wide tonal ranges. Images will excel on this paper, leaping out in a line up for its superb clarity and pin-sharp detail.

Rod Wheelans, Professional Photographer and editor of PAGB e-news commented "Mono Gloss Baryta has a pleasing, smooth looking surface. Upon testing it gave very clean blacks and sparkling whites, and the image looked crisper and better defined on Mono Gloss when comparing to other products. I'm looking forward to using this in future for all my black and white prints that require a smooth surface."

Although aimed at monochrome, PermaJet assure Mono Gloss Baryta produces colours prints that are equally as stunning. Its unique appearance opens up a whole new way of presenting the best qualities of a printed image, bringing the excitement and beauty of the darkroom into the digital world.

Find out more here

PermaJet Oyster 271 Voted Best Inkjet Paper of the Year

Posted on 2017-02-01

Oyster 271 Best Professional Paper And the winner is... PermaJet Oyster 271!

PermaJet is proud to have collected another prestigious award for its flagship product, Oyster 271.

The Societies of Photographers Trade Awards took place in January, where PermaJet's Oyster was nominated as Best Professional Paper up against some of the industry's top manufacturers and brands, as voted for by hundreds of photographers. 

This is the third year PermaJet have picked up the award for Oyster 271 - with a fourth year seeing the title go to metallic surfaced paper Titanium Lustre 280. Marketing Executive, Abi Symons, was delighted to accept the award on behalf of the company and said "We're thrilled to be receiving this award again. Oyster 271 is one of our most popular media types, so to have it recognised as the Best Professional Paper for a third time is an honour"

Visit the complete range of PermaJet Oyster 271 by clicking here

PermaJet Launch NEW Fine Art Media

Posted on 2016-01-15

New Fine Art Media
PermaJet launch new range of Fine Art Inkjet Media utilizing the world's most advanced paper surfaces and coating technology.
Fifteen years after introducing their incredibly popular Fine Art range to industry success, PermaJet has adopted new technology to enhance the range for exceptionally high quality prints produced with modern printers and inks. Following an eighteen month period of thorough market research, customer feedback and product development, PermaJet have refined their Smooth and Textured Fine Art papers to ensure they meet your current and future printing needs.

View the Textured Fine Art range here and the Smooth Fine Art range here.

The new range comprises five enhanced products, which join some of the classic best-selling media in the World.

Utilizing new coating technology processes and enhanced base materials, PermaJet have created a range of products that will deliver images of the highest quality. The superior coating, combined with modern ink technology ensures you get some of the highest Dmax ratings in the world today.

These iconic Fine Art papers have now evolved into a show stopping collection which is all available in advanced 15 metre length rolls and all sheet formats.

PermaJet have managed to widen the range they offer the customer while reducing the confusion and making a much clearer division between the products they offer.


 PermaJet have also launched an exclusive NEW 10 SHEET PACK across each new product in this upgraded Fine Art range which provides incredible value for those working on smaller print runs that are after the same exhibition quality product.




Two enhanced products now join the four popular classics in the smooth fine art collection of papers.

PermaJet Portrait Rag Inkjet Paper

NEW - Portrait Rag 285gsm

A classic from the PermaJet range that retains its 100% cotton base and subtle texture while making it marginally lighter at 285gsm. This product is acid-free and meets the highest digital art standards.

Certified by an independent UKAS Laboratory this material, like many PermaJet products, exceeds the Fine Art Trade Guild’s archival standards and is ideal for Art and Photo reproductions.

Smooth skin tones and image sharpness can be achieved with the wide colour gamut and high D-Max that the new coating brings.



PermaJet Photo Art Silk Inkjet Paper

NEW - Photo Art Silk 290gsm

The popular surface and finish of the Smooth Art Silk has been updated to a 290gsm base offering printer friendly loading.

The unique ink receiving layer that exhibits the silk/satin sheen once printed on has been developed to give greater colour vibrancy and increased scratch resistance.

This superb coating is undetectable on the surface until the ink is applied and then bursts with a subtle yet, vibrant silk sheen. The new Photo Art Silk 290gsm media is ideal for all reproductions of landscape, wildlife and creative digital art as well as portraiture.


Unchanged Product

The NEW Portrait Rag 285gsm and Photo Art Silk 290gsm sit perfectly alongside the unchanged Portrait White 285gsm, Portfolio Rag 220gsm, Omega Rag 310gsm and Alpha Natural Rag 310gsm (a completely OBA FREE product) which benefit from the same material base tone, surface and upgraded coating technology.




The Textured Fine Art Range has an all new line up consisting of products which all share the same modern coating technology applied to their unique surface textures.


PermaJet Museum Heritage Inkjet Paper

NEW - Museum Heritage 310gsm

The new Museum Heritage has been developed in co-operation with high quality image reproduction labs to ensure it delivers the maximum structure where ink can reside and be retained making it the toughest art surface the world has seen to date. This is a 310gsm natural white art paper with a pH neutral base that is delicately textured.

Produced from a mix of cotton and Alpha Cellulose which give a soft feel while retaining the rigidity the art printing and framing makers demand. Museum Heritage 310 benefits from a wide gamut volume with low colour error, and promises to become an iconic addition to the range. Museum Heritage has a wonderfully subtle texture ideal for galleries and photographers who intend to create fine art prints with a high degree of detail.

The enhanced coating increases image depth and tonal scale, making it a perfect material for both colour and Monochrome reproductions . Modern inkjet technology addresses ink transfer issues in previous versions to provide superior ink retention and full archival stability.



PermaJet Gallery Etching Inkjet Paper

NEW - Gallery Etching 310gsm

This incredible addition to the textured fine art range provides one of the most interesting textures available whilst allowing the most detailed image reproduction possible.

The heavy weight, alpha cellulose 310gsm base is reminiscent of a modern day etchings paper exhibiting a consistent and undulating matt coated surface. It’s natural whiteness works in harmony with any artistic or creative photographic image.

This is the ideal paper for those wanting to reproduce artworks with a rigidity, texture and feel of the most loved textured fine art materials available.




PermaJet Artist Watercolour Inkjet Paper

NEW - Artist Watercolour 250gsm

The Artist Watercolour 250gsm textured art paper has a sumptuous off-white base tone made from alpha cellulose. The mould-made base material with a highly defined rough surface that delivers incredible fine art prints.

Ideally suited to the reproduction of Artists' watercolour work or the output of photographic images from which you wish to achieve striking artistic impressions.

Artist Watercolour 250gsm boasts a very high colour gamut volume and a Dmax of 1.6 which combine to give you an elegant and versatile art paper.