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P5 Bright White Canvas 350

P5 Bright White Canvas is a 350gsm inkjet canvas with a textured matt surface and bright white base. The super white base reproduces fantastic colours, and is ideal for artists and photographers with vibrant work. It has a wide tonal range, large colour gamut and excellent image sharpness with a high Dmax. Images jump off the surface with superb detail and impact.

The base is a unique polycotton blend of 10% polyester and 90% cotton, guaranteed to be free of cotton husks and impurities. It’s highly flexible and resistant to cracking when stretched, with fast drying times and water resistance. P5 is the ideal canvas for high volume artist and photographic reproductions.

Key Features & Benefits

  • High quality inkjet canvas
  • Textured matt surface
  • 350gsm bright white base
  • 10% polyester/90% cotton mix
  • Highly flexible and non-cracking
  • Water resistant with fast drying times
  • Superb for vibrant art reproductions

Download the PermaJet P5 Bright White Canvas 350 Technical Data Sheet

Paper Surface

Matt Canvas

Base Weight


Whiteness (CIE)


Base Construction

Black Ink


Acid Free


OBA Free


FREE ICC Profiles

Simply select your printer model, ink type/manufacturer and the PermaJet paper type. Although you can download profiles for some individual paper types, in light of customer feedback, we have compiled complete profile sets of all the PermaJet papers into one downloadable ZIP file to save you selection time. Where required, choose the correct set for the black ink in use on your printer – ‘MK’ = Matt Black ink & ‘PK’ =Photo Black ink. If you choose to download a complete set, this will need to be unzipped/extracted by clicking File > Extract All and select a folder on your computer to place them in – once done, go into that folder and install them as required as per our instruction document below – remember, ICC Profiles do not open or automatically run, they need to be installed so that they appear in your editing/printing application.

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