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Tesni Ward

About Tesni

I have always had a passion for the natural world and the wildlife living within it. Photography began for me when on holiday as a teenager; my parents were kind enough to give me my first dSLR, but outside of vacations it would gather dust and not see the light of day. It wasn’t until 2013 when I specifically started going out in the UK every few weeks when work and university would allow purely to take photographs. Towards the end of 2014 I was dedicating more time and energy into photography and it steadily evolved until March of 2016 when I decided to take the step to becoming a full time photographer. Working as a wildlife photographer is challenging but extremely rewarding and I aspire to use my images and stories to promote conservation & to educate the public on the struggles wildlife faces and what we can do as individuals to help protect the many species currently under threat from human activity. It’s my strong belief that the welfare of the wildlife must always come first in photography.

I regularly work on projects with specific species, developing a deep appreciation and understanding of them before using this to help raise awareness. My primary project during summer is with Eurasian Badgers however this project extends beyond photography, working to protect and conserve the species with vaccination programmes and education. I also regularly run workshops and tours, not only to help others capture beautiful images and teach individuals the art of photography but also to give them the opportunity to experience how magical the natural world is.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to know more about me or enquire about my work. I’m also open to enquiries for working with charities & conservation projects.

Tesni’s Work

Tesnis paper of choice:

Museum Heritage 310 is a fine art inkjet paper with a textured surface and mid-white base. It prints with outstanding detail and clarity, enhanced by the rough textured weave that is highly suited to fine art photography, rustic scenes, and detailed portraits. This cotton and Alpha Cellulose mix paper is perfect for artists wishing to reproduce their work, with the mid-white base providing outstanding colour and monochrome renditions.

Museum Heritage has a superior coating that prints excellent highlight and shadow detail with a high Dmax. The textured surface adds a depth and quality to images for that extra special look and feel, suited to professional exhibitions, galleries, museums, and artists.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Alpha Cellulose inkjet paper
  • Cotton and Alpha Cellulose mix inkjet paper
  • Matt surface with a textured weave
  • 310gsm mid-white
  • Incredible detail and depth suited to fine art work
  • Compatible with dye and pigment inks
  • Works with any inkjet printer
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