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About Susan Brown

I have been involved in Photography for many years, to mention how many would make me sound ancient. I started my interest whilst living in Bristol and a member of Bristol Photographic Society, during this time I had a successful Licentiateship and then Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society. I moved to Milton Keynes and worked essentially alone for sometime and had a successful Fellowship Application. More recently I made the difficult transition from darkroom to digital which I now love. Since living in Devon, I have renewed my interest and love the light and the coastal regions here, it is always a pleasure to be out whatever the weather. I enjoyed working for the FIAP exhibitions and was lucky to gain many medals, however I have slowed down on these now. I have a strong interest in the arts in general, am a friend of The Tate and the Royal Academy. I have also been working with Arts in Health and founded a company "MK Arts for Health', managed to get charitable status and the company is thriving today. Because of this interest I have had exhibitions in both Milton Keynes Hospital, Bath and Plymouth. Have exhibited across the UK and Ireland including Great Atlantic Gallery, Falmouth, Harbour House, Kingsbridge, National Theatre, London as part of LPOTY. A Member of Arena Group of Photographers and also a Member of Devon Guild of Craftsmen and LCUK. I also work with a multi-disciplinary group 'ARTSIX' Co author of 'The Coast' a book by 5 members of Arena, another book in progress. Have had 6 images in LPOTY and had one published in the Sunday Times. Featured Photographer in 'OnLandscape', Advanced Photography Magazine and RPS Journal. I sit on the 'Fine Art' panels at the RPS and also sit on the Distinctions Advisory Board. Speaker at Arena Seminar March 2014.