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About Leigh Preston

Thirty years and some have passed since I first picked up an SLR. A lot of developer has flowed under the bridge since then, a lot of printer ink too. What amazes me is that I still get asked to lecture to clubs - having done well over 1000 lectures. I've been in a number of clubs, as I've moved about the country a fair bit - my first taste of club life was at Ordnance Survey - I used to draw maps for a living, before being more involved on the surveying side, redundancy forced me into such diverse things as postal work, ice-cream manufacture and wedding photography before I ended up as a part-time college lecturer and Jessops tutor. Most of my work is harsh, gritty, no compromise monochrome, still darkroom at times, but mainly computer based now. I work almost entirely in themes or sequences and travel widely to take pictures. My carbon-footprint is not too clever! Besides photography I enjoy spending time in the mountains as a fell walker and somewhat timid climber , I listen avidly to most forms of music and worst of all I enjoy/suffer the rigours of long-distance running - marathons etc- even though I'm in my late fifties. But best of all I like pressing the shutter and passing on what I've learned to other people , running workshops , both in the UK and more recently abroad.