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From Print to Perfection - WEBINAR Virtual Course

About the Day

On this course you’ll learn the essentials of colour management and choosing the right paper in order to achieve the perfect print. Walk away with the confidence to print your images successfully.

The day will cover...

  • The basics of colour management
  • How to calibrate your monitor
  • Overview of the PermaJet paper families
  • What to consider when choosing your paper
  • The difference between generic and custom ICC profiles
  • How to print a custom profiling chart
  • The correct Photoshop and printer driver settings
  • Installing profiles on PC and Mac

In the afternoon there will be an interactive session where you will get the chance to see Colin printing on both printers reinforcing everything you have learnt in the morning such as printer and Photoshop settings. This is an ideal opportunity for you to see the different paper types and see how important it is for you to choose the correct paper choice for your images.

Both the New Epson SC-P700 and the New Canon PRO-300 printers will be used to show the various methods of workflow.

The Price Includes

A course pack will be sent out in advance of the booking date to all those who have pre-registered for the day to include the following:-

  • Login details for Zoom (which you will require on the day to access the course)
  • Notes on the course
  • A PermaJet brochure & A7 Swatch of the PermaJet range of papers which you can refer to during the day
  • A selection of A6 printed samples on various papers that Colin will be talking about during the day
  • Special deals on PermaJet media and accessories with a discount code (valid for 1 month after the date of the course)