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PermaJet ReTAC Mounting Adhesive Spray

Not exactly a protective coating but this is a specially formulated, continuously repositionable adhesive print mounting spray that can also be used to create a cleaning sheet to clean your printer's feed/pick-up rollers.

Traditional print mount sprays are usually designed as permanent adhesive applications. Re-tac is 100% solvent-free and the print, once securely positioned, can be removed and re-positioned without damage - ideal for any application requiring temporary adhesion.

In order to create a printer cleaning sheet, simply spray ReTac to the reverse side of a heavy weight (200gsm +) A4 paper and allow this to dry for 10 minutes MINIMUM.
Now feed this sheet ADHESIVE SIDE UP, using the paper feed button, through your printer and this will remove and pick up all the fibres from the main feed roller that can cause poor paper feed. You can reuse the same sheet and do this process as many times as you like.