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Epson R3000


The PermaJet Eco-Flo system for the Epson R3000 was redeveloped during 2014 to incorporate the most efficient resetting procedure ever - simply lift the cartridge and re-insert! After a self-installation time of just 15 minutes to fit to your own printer, you can quickly gain all the advantages and economy of our bottle type feed system.
The Eco-Flo system for this printer is far superior to eBay type refillable cartridge sets (sometimes referred to as tubeless inkflow), which although cheap, require constant attention with injection needles to fill the cartridges on a very frequent basis.

Our tests concluded that refillable types of cartridge kits have a limited life owing to the wear and tear on the cartridge seals. The annoying frequency for the need to manually refill them can also lead to the introduction of troublesome air pockets as well as the whole messy nature of the procedure having to be carried out over and over again - all this whilst using an unproven ink!

The Eco-Flo CIS system has specially designed moulded cartridges which simply slot into your printer and stay in place permanently. Replenishing your ink is done at the bottle end of the external tubing using our unique tube clamps - avoiding air introduction and unnecessary wear and tear on microchips and cartridge seals.

Topping up the inks only needs to be done every few months as each 125ml replacement bottle of PermaJet ink costing £24.95 contains the equivalent amount of five original ink cartridges costing £110 - thus saving you a massive 75% off your ink costs.
The ink level reset procedure is all done in seconds using the new lift and insert procedure.
All our R3000 kits come complete with our brand new, UK manufactured and fully certificated Image-Life encapsulated pigment ink technology, with ultra fast drying performance.

All 9 ink colours of 125ml bottles are included along with step by step installation videos and full 2 year product support and warranty on the Eco-Flo System (12 month manufacturer's warranty applies to printer if purchased from us as a bundle together with Eco-Flo) as well our FREE A4 27 Sheets Digital Photo Test Pack -  Printer is NOT included

A 15 minute, self-install, plug and play installation with absolutely NO modification of the printer.


Choose your ONE pack of A3 50 Sheets of inkjet paper from PermaJet's DIGITAL PHOTO range for only £0.01 when you buy it at the same time as your Eco-Flo System. (Explicitly only ONE pack per Eco-Flo System purchased. Selection of multiple packs or several types is not allowed and will mean that we will only send you the first one you selected and no refund will be due for the other packs you have paid for. If you opt to select no paper pack at all when purchasing your Eco-Flo then your eligibility to have one for £0.01 will be at our discretion and you will be liable to a shipping charge for sending on a selection later!!)

Click here to see the full customer installation video