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Inkjet Canvas & Bars

Create your very own masterpiece with PermaJet's collection of high quality canvases specially coated for inkjet printing.

This popular range of inkjet canvases has been manufactured using the most advanced base materials and inkjet coating that artists and photographers would appreciate and value for the unique look, feel, texture, reproduction and durability.

Excellent colour gamut, 100% dye and pigment compatible, providing superb colour intensity and image sharpness as well as their non-yellowing properties, plus 13" panoramic roll options.

The range includes something for everyone - whether you want to re-create Fine Art reproductions, display work, portraiture, landscapes, black & white, contemporary art - PermaJet has something to suit.

We have also created a useful coating video to help you, please click here to watch it on our YouTube Channel

With PermaJet, "It's all about Image"...