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Print Coatings & Varnishes

PermaJet offer a wide choice of specially developed protective coatings and varnishes for all types of canvas and fine art paper media which are 100% solvent-free and eco-friendly.

These products generally serve two main purposes - firstly, they add a UV protective layer to the media's surface in order to extend the archival life of the printed image and secondly, certain coatings/sprays are able to increase an image's colour saturation or vibrancy as well as creating a physical protective layer from manual handling and greasy fingers!

On occasions, customers have asked about using traditional physical lamination processes instead but this is usually not recommended as it negates any requirement to use a fine art media or canvas as the surface will be "normalised" to match the lamination texture and finish.

Each coating product has its own suitability towards certain media and so please choose the correct item to suit your particular paper or canvas. As with any application of coatings or laminates on substrates for the first time, always do a small test area first to ensure the result obtained matches your expectations.

If in any doubt, call our sales team on 01789 739200.