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Infrared Photography - from Camera to Image


Location: Stratford-upon-Avon
Tutors: Clive Haynes FRPS

Clive Haynes FRPS is a well known exponent of IR and an experienced photographer.  A retired college lecturer of photography, he gives talks, presentations and workshops throughout the UK and tutors Photoshop at the PermaJet Academy.

Clive brings more of his knowledge and considerable talents to our Academy with this brand new course allowing you to discover the beauty of IR photography for all seasons.  Learn about camera choice and IR filter options.  This course covers composition and exposure for IR, processing methods via Lightroom, Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop, 'Channel-Swapping', 'False Colour', useful plug-ins and making IR 3D images.

There will be a few IR converted cameras ready for you to have a go with and also some on-lens IR filters for standard cameras - we strongly suggest you bring along your own camera (IR converted or not) and a tripod. The morning session includes a nearby location shoot to get some "real" images for processing.  Clive will also present a selection of his own IR images and discuss their merits.

Open up your skill set to a whole new experience...

All the following topics will be covered...

Why make Infrared Pictures?Clive Haynes Infrared
How IR works
All year around opportunities
Not weather dependent
IR with conventional cameras
IR converted cameras
Sensors - differences - choices
What depth of filter to use  590nm, 665nm 720nm, 780nm 830nm
Setting white balance
Composing for IR
Exposure for IR
IR Processing via Lightroom, ACR, Photoshop
Channel-Swap method
Recovering and exploiting 'false colour'
Making 3D images in IR

10.00am - 4.30pm including buffet lunch and refreshments

SORRY! All allocated spaces now sold out - however, please call LOUISE HILL 01789 739207 to see if we can still squeeze you onto the course scheduled for 20th July 2019.