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Canon Pixma iP8750 Refillable Kit


After a self-installation time of just 10 minutes priming and inserting the cartridges into your own printer, you can quickly gain all the advantages of using our super high quality PermaJet C-Chrome inks for this popular Canon Printer.

Our new PRC refillable cartridge sets are easily refilled as required by utilising the injection syringe set supplied.
The printer sees and treats the PermaJet cartidges as if you are still using original Canon cartridges and so when it warns you that the ink has run out, simply remove the appropriate cartridge, physically refill back to full with fresh ink, then re-insert where the instant reset microchips will tell the printer the cartridge it is full again and you can carry on printing.

A massive 600ml of ink is supplied as 6 x 100ml of all ink colours along with step by step installation video/ICC Profiles CD. A full 2 year product support and warranty on all the kit components. Printer is NOT included with this kit unless you purchase the printer bundle deal!

Once you have a need for replacement ink colours, they can be purchased as a 100ml bottle of PermaJet C-Chrome ink costing just £18.95 - this contains the equivalent amount of ink of approximately 14 standard Canon 7ml original ink cartridges costing £145 - thus saving you upto a massive 87% off your ink costs. Across the 6 colour cartridges, you are effectively saving a total of around £760.00!

All our new refillable kits come complete with our 100% UK manufactured encapsulated dye & pigment ink technology, with ultra fast drying performance.

A 10 minute, self-install plug and play installation with absolutely NO modification of the printer.

We can also supply a brand new Canon Pixma iP8750 Photo Printer together with our Refillable Kit at the same time which gives you even more savings.

Invest in the PermaJet Refillable Cartridges (PRC) today and be SAVING tomorrow!!