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SnapShut & Paper Kit

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Product TypeSnapshut Folio
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PermaJet has launched these great combination kits of Snapshut Folio & Double-Sided papers allowing you to assemble your very own Photobook in minutes.
Choose your preferred paper type from our high quality range of double-sided inkjet media and print your set of images.
Double-sided OYSTER - a 285gsm bright white satin finish paper
Double-sided MATT - a 230gsm smooth white matt finish paper
Double-sided PORTFOLIO- a 230gsm fine art smooth cotton rag finish paper

Each Snapshut bundle option is supplied as a Black Leather Effect cover, Landscape Format, 25mm width Spine and in a choice of A4, A3 or A3+ Sizes.

Print, store and display your prints or projects in a totally professional and easy-to-use book format. With your prints held in place by the ingenious “SnapShut” hinge, this glue-free folio/book system offers amazing flexibility. You can insert the papers in seconds. If you need to edit or change a page, simply fold back the cover, remove the print, replace and release to SNAPSHUT.
The super strong hinge system can hold the paper/print securely and without damage.PermaJet SnapShut Folio Award 2015

We have also created a useful video to help you see its use and assembly. Please click HERE to watch it on our YouTube Channel

100% GLUE-FREE HINGE DESIGN - Add, remove or interchange pages in seconds
IDEAL FOR DISPLAYING & STORING PAPER OR PRINTS - Creates a book format for any paper media
TOUGH, SCRATCH-RESISTANT OUTER COVER - Designed with repetitive handling in mind
SUITABLE FOR ANY BOOK OR FOLIO NEEDS - Flexibility to create innovative presentations

SnapShut Folio - read the very latest independent product review here...

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APJ25535DSM Snapshut A4 25mm Land Leat BK (including A4 25 DS MATT) £28.29 £33.95
APJ25535DSO Snapshut A4 25mm Land Leat BK (including A4 25 DS OYSTER) £40.79 £48.95
APJ25535DSP Snapshut A4 25mm Land Leat BK (including A4 25 DS PORTFOLIO) £47.46 £56.95
APJ25560DSM Snapshut A3 25mm Land Leat BK (including A3 25 DS MATT) £60.79 £72.95
APJ25560DSO Snapshut A3 25mm Land Leat BK (including A3 25 DS OYSTER) £82.46 £98.95
APJ25560DSP Snapshut A3 25mm Land Leat BK (including A3 25 DS PORTFOLIO) £95.79 £114.95
APJ25585DSM Snapshut A3+ 25mm Land Leat BK (including A3+ 25 DS MATT) £69.96 £83.95
APJ25585DSO Snapshut A3+ 25mm Land Leat BK (including A3+ 25 DS OYSTER) £97.46 £116.95
APJ25585DSP Snapshut A3+ 25mm Land Leat BK (including A3+25 DS PORTFOLIO) £115.79 £138.95

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