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Protective Covers

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Product TypeInkjet Printers
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Introducing our brand-new PermaJet Protective Printer Covers!

Protect your printer from dust and spillages when it’s not in use with this super range of robust and waterproof PermaJet Printer Covers designed for the A3+ & A2 range of Canon and Epson Desktop Photo Inkjet Printers.

After investing in such an expensive piece of equipment, keeping it in a good condition should be a priority. Shielding it from everyday dirt, dust, pollutants and accidents is easy when you use the PermaJet Printer Cover, keeping your pride and joy in excellent working condition ready for your next print job.

PermaJet Printer Cover Fitted                   

Each cover is made of tough polypropylene fabric - a flexible material which has been precision manufactured to slide easily over your existing printer whilst not in use. Waterproof and dust proofing assures you of a longer lasting piece of equipment.

100% Polypropylene
100% Waterproof
Easy slip-on, slip-off design

A range to fit the following popular professional printer models...

MEDIUM SIZE - 62cm (width) x 38cm (depth) x 21.5cm (height)  - suitable for...
A3+ Epson Surecolor SC-P600

LARGE SIZE - 68cm (width) x 36cm (depth) x 24.5cm (height) - suitable for...
A3+ Canon Pixma PRO 10S
A3+ Canon Pixma PRO 100S
A2 Epson Surecolor SC-P800

XL Size -  73cm (width) x 43cm (depth) x 27.5cm (height) - suitable for...
A2 Canon ImagePROgraf 1000

(all sizes quoted are approximate and have a tolerance of +/- 1cm)

Product Description Price
(Ex VAT)
(Inc VAT)
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APJ55350 PermaJet Printer Cover - MED (for P600 printers) £20.83 £25.00
APJ55352 PermaJet Printer Cover - LARGE (P800/PRO-10S/100S printers) £25.00 £30.00
APJ55354 PermaJet Printer Cover - XL (for Pro-1000 printers) £29.17 £35.00

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