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Portrait White 285

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Paper GroupSmooth Fine Art
Base Weight285gsm
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Featuring many of the characteristics that have made our Portrait Rag 285 one of most recognised and used papers, this whiter based version makes images jump off the page...

This acid-free, smooth, highly calendered 285gsm base has been given our superior coating to give a more lively feeling to the subject. The beautiful base and clean, bright white surface lifts the detail of any image and shows more colour vibrancy and saturation.

Reproductions will exhibit a high Dmax density and wide colour gamut making it suitable for the subtlety of complex skin tones, detailed shadow and highlights as well as unrivalled tonal gradations for monochrome work. 100% Alpha Cellulose base.

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APJ22213 A4 25 Portrait White 285 A4 £29.13 £34.95
APJ22223 A3 25 Portrait White 285 A3 £56.63 £67.95
APJ22233 A3+ 25 Portrait White 285 A3+ £69.13 £82.95
APJ22243 A2 25 Portrait White 285 A2 £104.96 £125.95
APJ22259 17" Portrait White 285 x 15mtr 17" x 15 metres £82.46 £98.95
APJ22269 24" Portrait White 285 x 15mtr 24" x 15 metres £108.29 £129.95
APJ22299 44" Portrait White 285 x 15mtr 44" x 15 metres £195.79 £234.95

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