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Image-Life Inks

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Product TypeEco-Flo Refill Inks
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IMAGE-LIFE Refill Inks - supplied with all PermaJet's very latest Eco-Flo systems including the R2880, R3000, SC-P600 & also the 3800/3880 Refillable Cartridge System.

All colours are supplied as 125ml bottles and are UK manufactured and produced to the very highest quality specifications. Being used by many professional artists or photographers on a day-to-day basis producing archival work worthy of any gallery or exhibition.

Feel free to click on the technical tab to view the ink Test Certificates and report conducted via an independent UKAS Laboratory on PermaJet media with PermaJet & Epson inks where archival stability meets and exceeds the required 85 year print life stipulated by the Fine Art Trade Guild for 'giclee' certification.

Always check the part numbers on your Eco-Flo bottle labels when ordering your refills to make sure you receive the correct colours and ink type

Owners of older PermaJet ink types or other brands of inks can contact us to discuss the possibility of upgrading to this unbeatable 100% pigment ink - call our technical upgrade team on 01789 739205 or email

Product Description Colour Price
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(Inc VAT)
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APJ27510 Image-Life PHOTO BLACK 125ml Photo Black £21.63 £25.95
APJ27511 Image-Life CYAN 125ml Cyan £21.63 £25.95
APJ27512 Image-Life VIVID MAGENTA 125ml Vivid Magenta £21.63 £25.95
APJ27513 Image-Life YELLOW 125ml Yellow £21.63 £25.95
APJ27514 Image-Life LIGHT CYAN 125ml Light Cyan £21.63 £25.95
APJ27515 Image-Life VIVID LIGHT MAGENTA 125ml Vivid Light Magenta £21.63 £25.95
APJ27516 Image-Life LIGHT BLACK 125ml Light Black £21.63 £25.95
APJ27517 Image-Life MATTE BLACK 125ml Matte Black £21.63 £25.95
APJ27518 Image-Life LIGHT/LIGHT BLACK 125ml Light/Light Black £21.63 £25.95
APJ27522 IMAGE-LIFE Full Set 9 x 125ml (all colours) £165.83 £199.00

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