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Image-Life Certification

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Technical Accuracy Service

We have partnered with leading software and colour auditors ColorCheck to create a system to bring you an independent way of checking and maintaining the performance of your printer and paper combination. This is a customised pay as you go service that ensures your equipment is working in harmony and is an ideal combination to the Image-Life process but either can be run in a standalone format.

A simple three step process:

  1. Download and insert the RGB control strip onto your desired media, then print.
  2. Measure the target patch with a relevant hardware device and software combination.
  3. Upload the data through the data portal and await the report results.

The detailed and highly informative report is almost instant and gives you a high/med/low accuracy rating. There are huge benefits to auditing your print process; primarily it provides consistent confidence in the quality of your services to both you and your customers. Purchase your measurement credits from us to have unlimited access to the measurement facilities.

Please click through to our dedicated auditing site by clicking here.

So what do you end up with?

Once completed and passed, you now have a media certified for performance on your printer, guaranteed with archival stability and a quality guarantee for you and your customers. We provide a complete test certificate which you can be proud to hand to your customers, plus we produce a printed certificate for every media certified. Consider this: Who else can offer you an independent certification, plus the addition of a colour auditing process, all for only 150 + VAT (pay-as-you go audit service as per website).

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APJ59100 Colour Audit 10 Credits £8.00 £9.60
APJ59101 Colour Audit 50 Credits £38.00 £45.60
APJ59102 Colour Audit 100 Credits £72.00 £86.40

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