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P5 Bright White Canvas 350gsm

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Paper GroupProduction Canvas
Base Weight350gsm
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The P5 Production Bright White Matt Canvas fills a gap in the market for users who require a brighter and whiter canvas material for the reproduction of high key artist’s stretched canvas originals and where medium to high volume printing output is required.

The 350gsm base is highly water resistant and is made from a cotton rich polycotton blend of 10% polyester and 90% cotton. This unusual mix offers many advantages when being stretched and is guaranteed to be free of cotton husks or impurities. The bright white, textured matt surface gives it a super-wide tonal range, very large colour gamut, ultra image sharpness and a high D-max rating ensuring it works well for both colour and monochrome reproductions. Any image seems to jump off the surface as the white base lifts the image detail and impact.

P5 Production Bright White Polycotton Canvas is designed to be used with a wide range of inkjet printers, using either dye or pigmented aqueous and latex inks and is very resistant to cracking when stretched around bars or frames.

Available as printer-friendly 18 metre length rolls in widths of 24" (610mm), 36" (914mm), 44" (1118mm), 60" (1524mm) wide format rolls.

•  Cotton-rich Polycotton Matt canvas with 350gsm base
•  Suitable for medium to high volume canvas printing requirements
•  Highly flexible and resistant to cracking
•  Water resistant with fast drying times
•  Brilliant, saturated colours, deep blacks
•  Compatible with dye and pigment aqueous inks


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APJ25268 24" P5 BrightWhite Canvas x18m (350gsm PolyCotton) 24" (610mm) x 18 metres £107.46 £128.95
APJ25278 36" P5 BrightWhite Canvas x18m (350gsm PolyCotton) 36" (914mm) x 18 metres £160.79 £192.95
APJ25288 44" P5 BrightWhite Canvas x18m (350gsm PolyCotton) 44" (1118mm) x 18 metres £189.13 £226.95
APJ25298 60" P5 BrightWhite Canvas x25m (350gsm PolyCotton) 60" (1524mm) x 25 metres £352.46 £422.95

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