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Torchon 285gsm

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Paper GroupTextured Fine Art
Base Weight285gsm
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Bright white, 100 % TCF pulp, age resistant, printable on one side, coarse structure.

The French word "torchon" characterizes a very coarse linen structure.

So is the surface of this board. The original beauty and three dimensionality of a print can be captured with this bright white paper.

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AH10641634 Torchon 285 A3 25 A3 £46.46 £55.75
AH10641633 Torchon 285 A3+ 25 A3+ £59.11 £70.93
AH10641632 Torchon 285 A2 25 A2 £91.01 £109.21
AH10643114 Torchon 285 17" x 12m 17" x 12 metres £84.33 £101.20
AH10643118 Torchon 285 24" x 12m 24" x 12 metres £118.07 £141.68
AH10643116 Torchon 285 44" x 12m 44" x 12 metres £212.37 £254.84

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